TV shows like Game of Thrones know how to reel us in. The small-screen adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series has inspired fandom the likes of which few franchises have ever known. Part of the show’s appeal lies in its unpredictability that spits in the face of cookie-cutter TV narratives. It also perfectly juggles its footing in various genres. On one hand, it’s a fantasy series complete with magic, dragons, and dreadful villains (both humans and White Walkers). Yet, it’s also a gritty political drama mirroring many disturbing real-world conflicts. In Game of Thrones, the noble can die and the cruel prosper – a tense dynamic that creates water-cooler moments not seen since Lost. As a fan, you’d know no other TV show out there quite compares to Game of Thrones. However, a few do come close – and may even execute a few things better than HBO’s modern epic. So, with that in mind, here are 10 Insanely Addictive TV Shows Like Game of Thrones worth your time-investment!   Selection Criteria of Our List Shows like Game of Thrones must have high levels of political intrigue and addictive drama. So, you can expect lots of devilish scheming among characters both likeable and loathe-worthy. There should be an overarching main plot made up of smaller alliances, each impacting the show’s unfolding story. Each show should tease your narrative expectations. You’ll be struggling to guess who wins and loses! Shows should have generally favorable to excellent reviews from critics and fans alike. Selections are not limited to a specific genre and are in no particular order.   Also check out: 10 Sci-Fi Supernatural Shows Like Stranger Things. All images / videos are copyrighted to their respective owners. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. We earn a small commission should you buy anything through them, at no extra cost to you.   1. House of Cards Out of all TV shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards best answers the question “What if GoT was set in the real world?” This Netflix original series was created by Beau Willimon, also featuring Fight Club’s director David Fincher and his Se7en collaborator, Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays Democratic Majority Whip, Frank Underwood. Think GoT’s Littlefinger in the White House and you’ll get a rough picture of Frank’s personality and intentions. The main plot of House of Cards follows his artful rise to power as he plots revenge against those who have wronged him. His drama-filled journey is both aided and thwarted by his temperamental wife, played by the brilliant Robin Wright. The Game of Thrones fan in you will be happy to hear that backstabs and cunning lies are the norm in House of Cards. You, the viewer, are privy to all of the show’s clandestine ongoings thanks to Frank 4th wall-breaking habits. He never hesitates to cue you in on his many devious plans to outdo his equally shady colleagues. However, House of Cards’ best moments come when Frank goes off the books, leaving you to guess his true insidious intentions. Overall, House of Cards’ gripping political overtones makes it an easy recommendation for TV shows like Game of Thrones.   2. Spartacus Spartacus is a bit like Game of Thrones, on steroids – with lots of hyper-masculine chest beating. Created by Buffy and Angel writer Steven S. DeKnight, the show aired for three successful seasons (not including the prequel) on Starz, ending on its own terms. The main story focuses on the rise of its titular character, Spartacus, as he transcends from slave to gladiator to freedom fighter, with loyal followers by his side. Subplots help deepen the intrigue, all told in convincing fashion by a stellar supporting cast (including Lucy Lawless and John Hannah). Spartacus is undoubtedly one of the most violent and sexually explicit TV shows like Game of Thrones. However, this is all keyed to great effect when it comes to building an immersive world of high stakes and bloodthirsty power struggles. You’ll be pulled in by each and every episode brimming with murders, backstabs, and revenge – all winning ingredients of GoT. Yes, the series is far more ostentatious than most on this list – but is no less binge-worthy!   3. Rome Rome is often credited as the 2005 precursor to Game of Thrones, sowing the seeds that led to the latter’s big-name success. This HBO / BBC co-production brought a fictional retelling of the tragedy of Julius Caesar (played by Ciarán Hinds) to homes for two truly epic seasons. Like Game of Thrones, Rome is all about crippling power struggles between the elite and the weak – in this case, acrimonies among rich Roman families, rulers, soldiers, and peasants. Much of the show’s narrative follows the lives of two Roman centurions (Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson) caught in a chaotic mutiny of warring factions. Rome aims for full viewer immersion, no expenses spared. There are even rumors that the series commissioned one of the largest period sets ever built in TV history. Top that off with plenty of violence and controversy and you have yourself a classic that’ll appeal to anyone wanting more TV shows like Game of Thrones – with a historical twist.   4. Outlander On the surface, Outlander’s synopsis sounds like your typical sappy time-travel romance. The plot follows Claire Randall (played by Caitriona Balfe), a married World War II nurse who unexpectedly time-hops back to 1743, Scotland. Here, she meets a charming Highland warrior named Jamie Fraser. The two soon find themselves falling in love even as they are torn apart amid the backdrop of the Jacobite risings. Now, before you let out that yawn, you’ll be happy to know that Outlander actually surpasses expectations thanks to its genre-bending prowess. In fact, the show is often compared to Game of Thrones for its many shady characters, political allegiances, and oh-so-addictive plot twists. The Daily Telegraph likens Outlander’s merger of fantasy, history, and romance to that of GoT, further noting the show’s equal propensity for excessive sex and violence. Outlander is also packed with nasty villains. One character – Black Jack Randall – has even been named among the 40 greatest TV baddies of all time. Fun fact: the role is played by Tobias Menzies, a star in both Game of Thrones and Rome. Admittedly, Outlander starts at a rather sluggish pace for a lot of the first season. But stick with it and you’ll find a surprising gem of similar appeal to most other TV shows like Game of Thrones.   5. Vikings Vikings holds its own as one of the most-watched TV shows like Game of Thrones. The series stars the ever-electric Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Viking ruler and hero of the Viking age. Critics have applauded this Irish-Canadian drama for its alluring cinematography and immersive storytelling – a formula perfect for Game of Thrones-ish binge watching! Some brave sources – such as the Boston Globe and The Richest – go as far as to say that Vikings carries out some things better than Game of Thrones. For example, the show pays very close attention to timelines, with characters that progressively age in believable ways. This detail helps heighten the level of viewer immersion. Vikings also does not shy away from blurring the lines between good and bad. In addition, the show’s unfolding story aims to be streamlined, making for a more digestible, less confusing plot. Overall, Vikings is by far one of the best TV shows like Game of Thrones. It thrives on many of the same appealing strengths of the latter, while offering its own brand of bloodlust and political intrigue. Plus, you’ll never get tired of hearing someone yell “SHIELD WALL!!!!”.   More TV shows like Game of Thrones ahead!  List continues on Page 2 –>
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FloSports Strengthens its Cycling Offering, Partners with Amaury Sport Organisation to Live Stream La Vuelta on
Wednesday August 08, 2018

FloBikes, home to some of the world’s top cycling events, adds exclusive live and on-demand coverage in Canada of A.S.O. race AUSTIN, Texas — August 8, 2018 — Today, FloSports, the innovator in live digital sports and original content, announced a partnership with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) to exclusively broadcast the 2018 and 2019 Vuelta a España live on The prestigious race will be available to audiences in Canada.   FloBikes continues to be a top destination for cycling fans around the world. The addition of La Vuelta gives Canadian subscribers access to two of the world’s largest and most elite cycling races in the world, including the Giro d’Italia. Covering more than 183 days of racing, fans also have access to other classic races on FloBikes, including Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, the UCI World Championships, the UCI Cyclocross World Cups, and many more. A.S.O. is part of the French media group, Éditions Phillipe Amaury, and organizes some of the world’s top cycling races, including the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix. As one of the world’s most prominent and demanding races, La Vuelta attracts the world’s top cyclists, including contenders from the Tour de France. In its 73rd edition, the race will include all 18 registered UCI WorldTeams, including Team Sky, BMC Racing Team, and Movistar, in addition to four wild card team selections — comprising of 176 racers in total. Coverage begins Aug. 25 in Málaga, Spain, and concludes Sept. 16 in Madrid, Spain. “A.S.O. organizes some of the biggest cycling races in the world, and La Vuelta attracts the most ambitious competitors and die-hard fans every year,” FloSports SVP, Global Rights Acquisition and Strategy Adam Fenn said. “To partner with the A.S.O. is a great stepping stone, and this gives fans even more world-class races to follow.” “For La Vuelta, it’s an honor to welcome FloSports as a new broadcaster,” Director, La Vuelta, Javier Guillén said. “La Vuelta is unlike any other cycling race, and evokes a passion and thrill in all of those who watch. With 21 stages, and more than 3.200 km — there is a surprising outcome every day. We’re excited to work with FloSports, who will help us capture this experience for all of our Canadian fans on — making it feel as if they were on the road side. The best is yet to come.” To access live and on-demand coverage of La Vuelta, visit and become a monthly or annual PRO subscriber. Either subscription unlocks access to premium content across the entire FloSports network. Watch the race across all screens by downloading the FloSports app on iOS, Roku, or Apple TV 4. With more than 10,000 live competitions per year, FloSports continues to emerge as the global leader in live, in-depth, and on-demand digital coverage for passionate sports fans. For more information, visit About FloSports FloSports, the innovator in live digital sports and original content, partners with event rights holders, governing bodies, and other media companies to unlock a world of sports coverage that true fans have been waiting for. Through live streaming of premier events, original video programming, and weekly studio shows, FloSports is growing the sports, the events, the athletes, and the fans. Current verticals under the FloSports header include Rugby, Basketball, MMA, Football, Wrestling, Track, Gymnastics, Hockey, and more. About Unipublic S.A.U Unipublic S.A.U is a company that has specialized in the complete organization and commercialization of elite sporting events for over 40 years, the most important being La Vuelta. It is the Spanish subsidiary of the French group A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organisation), organizer of 70 sporting events in 20 countries worldwide, among them the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally. Unipublic and A.S.O. work with the objective of accelerating La Vuelta’s development and presence internationally, as well as contributing to the strengthening of cycling as a sport, both within and outside Spain. The post FloSports Strengthens its Cycling Offering, Partners with Amaury Sport Organisation to Live Stream La Vuelta on appeared first on FloSports.

Town’s history rooted in cemetery; take Halloween tour
Monday October 15, 2018

New Canaan’s history is rooted in the Sellecks Corners Cemetery. Take a Halloween tour of it on Oct. 31, 2018 to find out more. A cemetery tour will be led with Patricia Funt Oxman on Halloween. — Contributed photo New Canaan: Get into the spirit of Halloween Oct. 31 on the 4th Annual Historical Society Cemetery Tour led by board member Patricia Funt Oxman. The tour leaves by van from the townhouse at the Historical Society at 1 p.m. for Sellecks Corners Cemetery, where there are genealogical roots of New Canaan and environs represented among graves. These include the Scotts of Scott’s Corners, the Cody family known for the Cody Drug Store, a few Civil War veterans, and the Sellecks, for which the cemetery was named. The tour includes the Sellecks Corners Chapel, opened in 1851. After the tour there will be seasonal refreshments and a short talk with local author Patricia Brooks, who has written a number of books on the final resting places of noteworthy people. Tickets are $25 for the tour from 1 to 3:30 p.m. The post Town’s history rooted in cemetery; take Halloween tour appeared first on New Canaan Advertiser.

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